Frequently asked questions


Do I have to make a reservation for the pub crawl or can I just show up at the meeting point?

You don’t necessarily have to make a reservation. But if you send us a reservation (without commitment), you are save!

How can I pay

You pay in cash on the spot. No need to send money upfront.

Which free drinks do I get?

In the first bar you get 3 free drinks: Wodka-Energy, Jäger-Bomb, Whiskey-Coke, Heineken-Beer and Sparkling Wine. The bar is open till midnight.

Do I need tickets for getting from location to location?

Nooo, don’t worry 😉

All of the locations are reachable by foot. However we suggest to buy like a day- or weekend-ticket for the public transport:

How many pub crawl guides are on a tour?

Usually there are 2-3 pub crawl guides. They will get you the free drinks, free shots and help you through the night.

How many participants are on a pub crawl?

Usually between 10 an 80 participants. Oftentimes that’s hard to say…

Where exactly is the pub crawl taking place and how do I get home after the tour?

The pub crawl starts at the Kultfabrik, Europe’s biggest party area. It’s 5 minutes from the station “Ostbahnhof” (“Munich East”) away. From the Ostbahnhof it’s like 5-10 minutes with the S-Bahn (3 stations) to the inner city. With a taxi it takes like 5-10 minutes, a taxi costs approx. 10-25€.

Do I have to be over 18 for the pub crawl?

Yes! And of course please bring a valid photo-ID, otherwise the bouncers will not let you in.